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Having trouble updating firmware in my GR IV Black.

I downloaded the firmware file, transferred it to the camera's  SD card, but it doesn't show in the Confirm Firmware window. 

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Re: Having trouble updating firmware in my GR IV Black.

Greetings. Have you confirmed the installation process? This FW file:   gd4_v115.frm should be on your memory card.


Following these procedures should initiate the update process: 


1.  Turn on the camera

2.  Press the MENU button

3.  Press the </Fn1 button and then the "down arrow/ macro" button to display the Setup Menu 

4.  Press the >/flash button and then the "up arrow"  button to select [Confirm Firmware Version] and press the >/flash button

• A message confirming the firmware update will appear on the picture display.

• If the confirmation message does not appear, confirm whether the firmware file has been

properly saved on the SD memory card.

 5. Press the >/flash button to select [YES], and press the MENU/OK button

• The firmware update will start, and the message shown below will display on the picture

display.The firmware update should take about 30 seconds to complete.


• When the update is complete, the camera will restart.

6. Confirm that the updated version is displayed in the picture display

7. Turn off the camera

• If a message saying, [Incorrect rewriting file] appears on the picture display, check whether the

firmware model matches the model of your camera.



Complete firmware installation instructions for the GRD IV are available online at: