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Pentax Program Plus not turning on

Hello, all. I am new to Pentax/RICHO gear, and my mom gave me her old Pentax Program Plus, seeing as I've been shooting with 35mm in addition to digital lately. It's old and has issues I already know about, and I was hoping to diagnose it. So I got a set of new Energizer 357's and put them in.


Nothing happens. No LED's light up, no displays, no shutter release. Of course, I also haven't put film in it, but is there a way to verify that its working before I open a roll and load it? I wanted to try to fire the shutter w/o film becaues she said it used to only expose half of the film and I don't want to shoot a whole roll and have it ruined. or should I just go ahead and order a new one?

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Re: Pentax Program Plus not turning on

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Did you cleaned the battery contacts? The web may have a user's manual somewhere that you can view or download. As far as I remember, it won't fire the shutter on X-Synch speed w/o batteries. If no instructions work, consider repair if still willing to use it.