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Auto white balance problem with K3

I shoot lot of low light photos with my K3 that call for near max ISO, I find the auto white balance is seriously off, when I shoot under Tungsten street light the photos always turn out yellowish, while I use manual Tungsten setting without too much problem, so it seems a software glitch the can be fixed in new firmware, but up to now the 1.3 FW still have the same problem, any comment ?

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Re: Auto white balance problem with K3

I suspect what you believe to be "tungsten" is actually Hi-Pressure Sodium, hence the yellow cast--so this is a user glitch. Suggest getting a white card that you use to take test shots under challenging lighting conditions. Pick whatever white balance looks good, regardless of its name or the supposed light source. And please remember that pictures taken under "Max" ISO will look like crap, regardless of camera brand or model.