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Design of battery grips

The battery grip for my K10D included storage space for a spare SD card, and for the IR remote.  The grip for my K5, and apparently for the K1, loses those features in favor of space for AA batteries, which really disappointed me.


I'm just curious - how many people use AA batteries, even as a fallback?  It seems to me the storage for SD card and IR remote was far more useful.

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Re: Design of battery grips

Depends on the version of the grip I have a third party version with 2 inserts one takes 6 AA batteries and one takes the std battery and has room for a second SDCard. 


I'm using the AA holder. If my speedlight needs batteries I have them on the camera If I run out of power 6 AA's can get me out of a hole. I'm happy enough, for now. I will probably get a second pentax battery they do take a few hours to charge.  

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Re: Design of battery grips

"...SD card and IR remote"--well I just stick them in my pocket. The ability to use AA batteries in a pinch seems to be a good compromise.