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K3 won't turn on??

I use my K3 almost daily, without a problem until yesterday.  Before heading out on a hike, I changed batteries in the body and the battery grip, changed lenses, and then started to hike.  I turned the switch to "on" but nothing happened.  I tried removing batteries and replacing them, tried removing SD cards and replacing them, even changed lenses, but nothing.  I used it two days prior, without an issue.  The only thing I know is that when I was changing the lens, I heard a click, like the shutter closing.  At the time, I thought something had fallen out of my camera bag, but dismissed it when I didn't find anything on the floor in the car.  Anyone have any suggestions?  After bringing it home, I tried, again, removing batteries and replacing with ones I knew were fully charged, tried AA batteries in the battery grip, tried removing the grip completely, but nothing has worked.  I am getting ready to ship it to the repair place in CT, but was hoping to find a solution before I parted with the camera for the time it will take for them to fix and return it to me.  

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Re: K3 won't turn on??

 You didn't mention reinstalling the lens after hearing that "click"...


We are curious to know what the issue was, and whether the camera survived the trip to the "repair" place in CT.