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Old (OLD I say!) Zoom lens on a K-50?


I just joined.

I bought my K-50 about a year and a half ago with a DA WR 18-55 lens.

I find the lens unable to get any better than my vision across the soccer field when

my daughter is playing.

On a lark today, I bought a Komura Komuranon 821-S f=80~200mm 4.5-22 lens at the Salvation Army for $20.

The flanges on the lens line up with the openings on the camera (the red dots don't) but it will not twist and lock.

I am clueless about if it can be made to fit.

The lens came without documentation, and a web search is pretty sparse.

I am not sure what type of mount the lens has, or if it already has an adaptor.

If the lens has an adapter, I do not know how to remove it.




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Re: Old (OLD I say!) Zoom lens on a K-50?

Very dangerous lark, Zuke. Carefully unscrew this lens and return it to the flea market before you ruin the camera. Then go to or eBay and search for "K-mount" compatible lenses. Nothing else will fit.