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Precision Camera "Pro & Lens & Repair Services"

Precision Camera, which seems to be the place you have to send Pentax gear for US warrantry repair, advertises "Pro & Lens & Repair Services" on its website. Among the benefits of the program seem to be quick turnaround repairs.


Unfortunately, the web page doesn't make clear what those services involve, exactly, or what they cost. I have emailed Precision numerous times to try to find out, and have not had a single email answered.


Judging from numerous forum posts about Precision, this is the way they treat many customers. They also have quite a few complaints against them with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau; reading the complaints online gives the feeling that they routinely ignore customer emails and phone calls.


Anyone here had any actual experience with any kind of professional services program at Precision?


Anyone at Ricoh considering a better quality, more responsive repair outlet for Pentax warranty work here in the US? It's too bad such a great camera company forces its customers to deal with a service center that does such a poor job.


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Re: Precision Camera "Pro & Lens & Repair Services"

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When my lens failed to be repaired the first two times and contacting Ricoh about their failure on each, they sent it to their professional services division. (Precision did mention that Ricoh cotacted them about the issues)

I was told this was a very expensive service for exclusive customers. But with the two repairs being a failure it would get special attention and would be personall;y handled by the Precision service manager that I spoke to.

I assume it was not as special as they made out, but more along the lines of what Canon/Nikon might offer.  I did not inquire the details of what extra service it entailed. I just wanted my stuff repaired.


You guessed it... this repair also failed. The problem was so severe that it would be *impossible* to mistakenly send the lens back as repaired.  Precision did not look at the lense at all the first two times.

Their Professional Services also did not look at the lense at all and simply shipped it back without any investigation into the issue.


Ricoh finally had me ship it direct to them, and they sent me a new lens.


I don't know why we have to go through three attempts at repair.  I think that after the second atempt, it is quite clear that they are too inept to do the job.  

But regardess, after two+ months, Ricoh did the right thing...

FYI, Ricoh also paid for shipping back to Precision each time, so I was out the time but not the extra cost of shipping.

Small consolation, but it was something.


No attempt to compensate for my need to rent equipmet or put jobs on hold because of Precision's inability to do their jobs!

 :-( :-( :-(

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Re: Precision Camera "Pro & Lens & Repair Services"

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My K-3 went to Precision last year for the mirror-flap warranty repair, very quick turnaround, good service... very pleased.

Pleased and at the same time surprised and releived given a very bad experience with Precision a couple years earlier with a film camera. It had a problem with the film transport and in a span of about a year it went to them 11 times at my expense... As I recall when they fixed the first problem that triggered a different problem so it dragged on and on. I had the impression they could not possibly have tested to see if their repair effort had been successful, as it was immediately obvious in the first few frames of shooting. I even sent them developed films to illustrate what was wrong, but they had a hard time anyway.

Pentax had a great repair service in Colorado... would be nice to see Ricoh establish their own similar expert service.