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Soft images w/K3 & 55-300

I just bought a K-3 & love it. It works well with all my lenses, both manual & auto, except my DA 55-300. The images look softer than they did with my K200. I've changed AF fine adjustment to closer with some improvement. Have I reached thr resolution limit of the lens? Any suggestions?  Thanks, Harry

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Re: Soft images w/K3 & 55-300

'm using the 55-300 with the K3II and sharpness is outstanding; possibly camera or lens is out of spec?


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Re: Soft images w/K3 & 55-300

There is another possibility for soft images on a 300mm lens. If these issues exist on a tripod, with Shake Reduction OFF, then a hardware focus issue may be at fault. But that is the first test.