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shutter lag

Is there a fix for the shutter lag when using flash with the K3II? Love the picture quality but makes the camera useless for close wildlife pictures

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Re: shutter lag

I've never seen it but there has been some discussion about it on the K3 and K3-ii on


It seems also that some people see it, some do not.  I have the K3 and K3-ii and have never experience any noticeable delay.

I take photos of fast moving/skittish dogs all the time for the local animal shelter.  Any delay woud be essentially disastrous for obtaining any useful images and create a heart condition for me. :-)

Sadly, the forums seem to degenerate as they usualy do and go off the rails.  I haven't followed all the threads (the issue has come up there a few times) to see if a real solution or if sending for repair helps.


If you have not yet ugraded your firmware, that seems to help some people. 

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Re: shutter lag

Following the topics.



I'll some problem


Good answer 

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Re: shutter lag

I suspect you will find this relates to whether your flash is set for red-eye reduction, and/or pre-exposure flashes. Both will delay flash reponsiveness.