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Dials and Controls

My perception from using both Pentax (since film, K-30 and K-3) and Fujifilm (digital X series EX1), is that an independent ISO dial is a "must have" feature. Also, video is not as "hot" and necessary as people think. Focus on the Camera, have the K-1000 in mind - robust, reliable, pretty and fun to use.

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Re: Dials and Controls

All great pounts. :)

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Re: Dials and Controls

I think we need an ISO dial on the top! As seen on the Nikon D800 I think. Thats a great stuff.
In my thoughts it should be something bigger, and heavier, than the K3.
Can we bring back the left button line next to the screen, like on the K10/k20D-s? :)

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Re: Dials and Controls

Controls, Dials, Buttons and Select - more details

The following analyzes is to obtain a set of goals: usability, velocity and differentiation on the product.


I would start by reorganizing the placement of kind (type) of controls. It would generate an even better usability for the photographer in the field - it could set shot parameters even when the camera is off. Then, the camera reads and adapts to that set. For this workflow to be complete, engineers need to do the same with the lens setting (aperture) so that even when the lens is on 3.5, you could via the dial change it to 2.8 as an example (firmware override) - it would be a differentiation for Pentax like soft focus is in some lenses.


Functionality vs Type of controls vs Importance


ISO [D] [must have]
Manual /Automatic Lenses Aperture [D] [must have]
Gain [D] [must have]
Focus Select [B or D] [must have]
Focus Mode [B or S] [must have]
Bracketing(s) [B] [optional]
Directional Pad (top, down, left, right ok) [B] [must have]
Crop [B or S] [must have]
Diopter [D] [must have]


[D] = dial with parameters on it (ideal for ISO or shot mode)
[B] = push button to access a digital function within the LCD or to change parameter (on-off or X or Y)
[S] = slide / select many states - like a zoom control (+ or -) or video /camera


Red = very important


All other buttons like video, info and etc might stay the same, or not... And in my very personnal opinion video slide /selector is something to get rid of. Place it in the GUI (graphic user interface).


A secondary, almost cosmetic for some is about GUI colors. We need a more Black & White GUI for a professional touch, obtaining off course more discretion and usability on the field. Street photographers, photojournalists and sometimes nature photographers (at night) would benefit from it - benchmark against Fuji X series.


It is important to note that old cameras, or vintage new ones like Leika and Fujifilm X series had compromised ergonomics to fashion. Pentax on the other hand could add a few more manual-digital controls via select dials, buttons to access digital menus or select simple modes and unify form (fashion) and function (ergonomics).


I will try then to draft a layout over these functions mentioned here. I would like to hear from experts what do they think about those.


Note: this is a vision of a product manager, graduated in industrial design and a serious photography enthusiast. I´d like to hear from the PROS.

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Re: Dials and Controls

A Word to Dials and Controls, i wrote a very long letter to Ricoh Representatives in Europe, i dont know if that led anywhere. The quintessence was: Hold on to the Controls of the K-5II Add the Video Record Button and the Mode-Dial-Unlocking of the K-3  and voila: It's a Camera that is really usable and lightning fast to control.





There could be an option to record a voice memo to a picture.(Like in some compact Pentax Digicams) That could be done by pressing the OK Button in Instant Review or Review for instance...



A STRONGER-FASTER-BUT ALSO MUCH MORE SILENT "IN-BODY" AF-SCREWDRIVE MOTOR!!! I tried out a Sony Alpha A58 in a store near my hometown. And i have to say: " Gosh! That is a silent screwdrive!!!  It would really be a shame to stay behind that A58 with that "gearwheel".



GPS... ? I don't know if one does really need that internal... the O-GPS1 is a nice solution and i like the precision it brings and therefore astrotracer works really good.


Wifi? def. YES


Tethering? def. YES


NFC? YES, that would be cool somehow,

but only if you could change mode settings by holding an NFC-Tag to the Camera or by putting lensbands with integrated NFC Tags on your lenses, so the camera sets its mode corresponding to the lens that is mounted. :)

You may lough about it, but i think that could be really useful to many photographers.

NFC could make so much more things possible if you think about it.



Tilt and swivel screen?  I also don't know if i really need that. I prefer security... But a tilt only display could help in some situations and maybe(depends on the build) isn't that vulnerable like a tilt'n'swivel...


A modular viewfinder System would be cool but i am not sure if i would need it. I would be ompletely satisfied with a 100% Optical Viewfinder.



There should be done something about AF. 


Follow Focus like the Canons got it with the magic lantern hack?


One great phantasy i had, was creating an adapter that makes full use of M42 lenses (including Aperture triggering)


And a last one: 

Maybe we see the newly patented mirror technology in the FF-Pentax?


I am pretty sure not much of those ideas will see light in the new FF-Pentax. But i think those ideas/dreams are pretty cool and i am **bleep** sure that i am not the only one who had 'em.


and another last one: 


upload to ftp servers and online services directly from camera.

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Re: Dials and Controls

You could add an ISO dial around the bottom of the mode dial ...or remember the old days when you lifted up and changed your ISO  in a small window on your shutter speed dial.

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Re: Dials and Controls

AFAIK it is possible to hold the ISO Button and dial ISO-Speed with the front or backside wheel on the grip(right side)...

That goes at least for my K-30. You can touch it once, or hold it. That also works the same way on my K-5II and IMHO I just don't know why one would need an "extra crappy to reach" dial for that.


It is fast as can be just the way it is now. Lightning Fast.


But you can try to convince me.


And believe me, you don't want to hold a Nikon Df... It feels so cheap. And way to light. I even don't know if it is Weather-Sealed or such.


I like the well balanced look, feel and haptics of the Top Pentax K Series. From K-7 on to K-3

It just feels and behaves just like a camera should.


And let's hope for good video functions. Otherwise we will hear the nitpicky Canon-Begrudger-Pentaxians moaning all the time.


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Re: Dials and Controls

Bit different aspect of view, but I had an idea, we need the abbility to change the image counter from "images left" to "images shot" or both by "taken/left" counters, because its hard to follow it on the K-3. For exapmle it predict 216 frame on a 16 GB card, but when I done shooting, the card is full with 330+ pictures. We can set it on the RAW button for example on button custumization.

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Re: Dials and Controls

No decent video, no sale for me.


Adding an ISO dial is a nice idea, but how? I'm counting 29 steps between ISO 80 and ISO 51200 on my K-5, a FF camera surely will add a few more. Where are you going to put them on? I thought the mode dial was crowded... Of course you could drop some of the steps in between, but then you can't fine adjust it. Unless you add some electronic dial for the steps in between... and that will be a massive mess, like the Df. Pressing ISO while turning the back dial seems like a sensible way to change the ISO, though yes, ideally another dial would be nice. Just not practical.


I don't think the video switch is necessary, but a button that lets you toggle, similar to the LV button, would be great. The great thing would be that people who don't care at all about video can reassign it, and never have to see video again.


The camera also IMHO needs an Fn button. Fn + left = white balance, just pressing left = move focus point. The current solution with having to toggle between two modes with the OK button is awful IMHO, a camera should be usable with muscle memory (at least essential stuff like selecting the ISO, aperture, exposure time, focus point, etc.), and once you have two modes that you have to switch between with a long press that muscle memory won't work.

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Re: Dials and Controls

[ Edited ]
No dedicated ISO dial, please.

There are only two good positions for dials and they are already occupied by the front and the back dials.

Pressing the ISO button while turning the back wheel is already the perfect approach. Fast and ergonomic; easy to use while looking through the viewfinder and supporting the lens with the left hand.

If I wanted a camera where setting the ISO value is less user friendly, I would buy a Nikon. Adding a third dial for ISO control would be a very bad step backwards.