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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

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  • Please add "ISO shift" as an option to the behaviour of the green button in manual mode. This would allow a temporary TAv mode (just like temporary Av, Tv, and P modes are already supported).
  • When the exposure is locked in manual mode (using the AE-L button), changes to the ISO value should affect either the aperture or the shutter speed (e.g., depending on what setting has been chosen for the green button). Currently only changes to aperture or shutter speed maintain the exposure.


Please also see my "full wishlist" in another thread.


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

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I second to #2 that pixel count doesn't really help if the image quality not great, I think something around 36M pix max would be enough, also will require less CPU power thus better battery life and total cost. Talking about battery I hope to see the FF without add on battery grip but use a larger capacity battery, I am using the K3 together with the battery grip, the combo is just about the max size I can handle with my small hand.


Other things I am hoping to see are :


1. Backlite buttons and dials.

- Not too fancy but useful.

2. Reliable shutter release lock and 'sunken' tragger button to prevent mis-fire.

- I used the battery grip with my K3, and repeatedly it mis-firing when I carry the camera with a sling belt and the camera bumping around my body and unlocked the shutter.

2a (cancelled). An even better body design.

- The K3 already the best handling camera to me, but it is still bit 'boxy', something similar to the EOS would be more comfortable to use, but since the body design already done not much can do here.

3. Able to select between SDM/DC motor drive and body drive AF.

-This is the simplest way to solve the problem on DA* lenses having a faulty SDM, also allows the user to determine the best way to focus, slient but slow lens motor, or noisy but fast body drive. Or even better the camera determines itself how to use both drive methods, for example, when the focus is far off body drive brings it back quick and then pass to lens drive for fine tune, I don't know if this would help just a thought.

4. Use USB 3 type C

- For charging and data transfer, voltage up convertor is not uncommon to see with battery having voltage higher than USB can provide.

5. Infrared AF assit light.

- Please don't shine a greenish martian light on people and pet !


In the lens department I hope to see something great but affordable, I hope to see something like the 24-105mm f2.8-4, and a 70-300mm f4.5, of course must be IF/ED/WR...


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Yes, with battery life seeming to "hit a wall" technology-wise, (Sony mirrorless batteries are downright embarrassing) ...a built-in converter to go from 5V to the necessary ~7.5V is a huge welcome.  Especially since Pentax bodies seem to eat juice a little more than Canon / Nikon bodies, thanks to the shake-reduction feature, let alone GPS astro-tracing.  When I want to do an all-night timelapse of the milky way and shoot ~4-5 hours worth of 30 second exposures, external power is the only way to go.

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

I can give few suggestions for PENTAX to be 1st on the market and to outperform the others by light years 
we can call the model K4


+ Full frame sensor

+ 44 Mp effective

+ Prime 4 proccesor

+ 4K Ultra HD at 60p

+ 100% same design as K30

+ 4x 18650 li ion recharcheable batteries /first model on the world/

+ Penta pod /mini pod around 50 cm/

+ ISO up to 250 000
+ Shutter speed 1/8000 to 70 seconds

+ One click upload feature /facebook,youtube and image hosting service/
+ PENTAX web browser

+ Wifi direct built in and/or wifi SD card

+ Pop up LED flash that can be used also as a flashlight torch.7 W 700lm, 110 degree angle of light. Up to 7 meters distance,

+ 1000 $ with kit lens 18-135 mm WR


+ Photo printer. Pocket printer also powered by 4x 18650 batteries. The printer to have 500 sheets capacity. 9x16 cm size of the sheets. 11x17x7 cm size of the printer.


And of course dont forget to gift me one of these when you manufacture them. Because i have told you how to beat the entire competition ;)

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Using CDAF to calibrate PDAF is feasible, apparently it has been implemented by Nikon for the D5 and D500.

It's a pity that it is not implemented in the K-1 :-(