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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

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Thank you for developing the long awaited FF Pentax. This is the best gift for the 40th anniversary of the K-Mount i can imagine.


Desired features:

* Stop-Down Coupler for legacy K/M lenses (no need for green button anymore)

* Viewfinder Magnification >= 0.97 like MX

* bright Viewfinder like LX (FA-1)

* in body SR

* optional FF-Mode for DA lenses (e.g. DA35 2.4 - works well with MZ5n)

* good 24-80mm Kit lens


Nice to have:

* panorama mode like MZ-series with viewfinder wich narrows and dedicated lever

* retro desing details like K2, MX (i like the "spiky" prism cover of the prototype)

* 2 color scheme (silver / black) besides all black body (for the same price)

* swivel screen

* D-Li90 compatibility

* interchangeable viewfinder:

   - normal pentaprism

   - waist level viewfinder

   - cap (without function) for a more compact camera in live view only mode


Mandatory features:

* shutter speed up to 1/8000

* Mirror Lock-Up

* ScrewDrive Autofocus for F/FA lenses and DA lenses without in lens AF-motor

* high dynamic range

* good low light AF perfomance

* useable 6400 iso

* WR Body

* K-AF3 compatible

* penta prism viewfinder with 100% coverage

* ergonomics and button layout like K7/K5/K3

* illuminated top lcd display

* quiet shutter

* optional battery grip

* USB 3


I do not need:

* red rings on lenses (i prefer green)

* build in flash

* video modus with dedicated video button

* wlan / nfc / bt / gps


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Excellent news on the FF!


Would love to see:

1. very high ISO 204000 (low noise sensor), or higher ISO.

2. very high FPS 12-15

3. excellent low light AF -4EV

4. Tracking AF for bird photography, i.e. sports AF is like photographing a slow moving house, birds are fast and very small and difficult to follow in poor light.... :)

5. huge buffer, able to take 60 frames before filling when using RAW 14/16 bit

6. 14/16 bit RAW

7. please use the latest SDXC UHS-II cards and enable 250MB/s write to card speeds. use dual slots.

8. Please enable fast AF motors in lenses, fast aperture glass and fast AF algorithms.

9. If you are includng video, why not put in 4k..

10. super quiet shutter/mirror.

11. Flash sync speed up to 1/250s

12. mic input and headphone output

13. built in wi-fi (802.11ac) and gps

14. full remote control via wi-fi

15. excellent battery life

16. grip with extra large battery for extended shooting.

17. lenses, lenses, lenses... super telephoto lenses with fast apertures!! 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm etc


probably forgotten some stuff but that would make a dream camera body...



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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

I am a PENTAX user as of 1984, my wishes are:
- high quality (semi)professional body (comparable/better D810);
- quality is input, price is output;
- 36 MP or higher;
- very high image (and high iso) quality;
- APS-C lenses compatible;
- good match with high magnification (tele) lenses (>500mm);
- no AA-filter;
- new lens HD FA** 600 ED DC 4.0 best quality (so we don't have to move to Canon/Nikon/or SIGMA 150-600 sports).

Good luck Ricoh-Pentax, you understand very well (!) and congratulations (!) with new 70-200 and 150-450! I'am very sure you will sell a lot of them!

SFX (PENTAX user for ever)
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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

I agree no need for built in flash, but somewhat useful if it is included.  I believe that the camera needs to be able to handle flash more creatively than previous cameras, be able to manage multiple flashes and their settings from the camera., perhaps provide hss flash photography via wireless without having to turn on the in camera flash.


The internal buffer and a high rate of shots per second will be key for those taking multiple shots of moving objects such as aircraft, sports, birds in flight etc.


Focus Focus Focus, we need a body that can keep up with the highly rated competition.

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Looking at the Pentax cameras I have used over the years:

Body size of K5

Viewfinder size of ME Super

Manual focusing and focus confimation better then current DSLRs (keep up with mirrorless inthis respect!)

Reliable and accurate AF in low light 

Actual resultion (not just mp) and low light performance (with pixel binging?) significant upgrade to K5...K3

Outdoor camera : solid build, weather protected, not too expensive to take out!


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

As regards to the requested feedback for the new FF camera. 


Important features would include:

1.  Large Optical/electronic Viewfinder (bonus points for electronic overlay / electronic viewfinder)

2.  High quality sensor (ie: d810) with high dynamic range.

3.  Accurate autofocus with fast glass (bonus points for reasonable speed).  User programmable / modifiable AF lookup tables per aperture and foucsing distance would be a treat.  (ie: not just a single af fine tune point, but a modifiable curve or vector path).


Features that would be attractive:

1.  120 - 240fps full chip downsampled video.

2.  Wifi / GPS / Remote

3.  High quality codec / direct output via hdmi

4.  Anti-shake mechanism on sensor


Features that would be intersting:

1. Mirrorless, with good quality pd/cd af



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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

This is the culmination of years and years of anticipation. Most of my lens collection was put together with the hopes of a full frame camera in the future, and that dream is finally coming true. All my FA Limited lenses will finally be used as they were intended!


As for a feature I'd like to see:


- Olympus just announced a m4/3 camera that will use sensor shift to create 40MP photos from a 16MP sensor. This kind of technology has also been available in the medium format market for years (50mp cameras that generate 200mp images by shifting the sensor by half a pixel for 4 consecutive shots). Assuming the new Pentax FF camera will have sensor-shift Shake Reduction, I would LOVE to see this enhanced resolution feature be included. I realize this would only be useful when using the camera on a tripod and with a static scene, but that's exactly the situation where enhanced resolution would be most useful.


- Please include built-in WiFi, no separate SD card adapter.


- LOW, LOW ISO!!! I'd love to see ISO 80 make a return from the K-5, or even add an ISO 50! At this point, I'd rather see lower available ISO than more range at the top end that results in unusable pictures.


Beyond that, please keep as much of the K-3's interface as possible. In fact, some of the older K-5 software elements were better implemented than on the K-3. For example, changing the level of information when reviewing photos was faster and more efficient on the K-5 than on the K-3. The new selection menu when pressing the info button during photo review doesn't actually speed anything up, it just adds useless button clicks.

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

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First off, I love the look of the prototype.  The high shoulders and shape of the prism do a great job of conveying traditional Pentax visual cues, such as from the Pentax 67, while the grip and smooth body surface convey a more contemporary and purpose driven, ergonomic functionality (such as from the K5/K3).  


So, what I would love to see...


1) Overall best IQ at lower ISO's should be the emphasis  - Dynamic range and color (so a denser CFA) are more important than super high ISO capability at the expense of color at base ISO's.  Also offer a low native ISO setting, such as the Nikon D810 offers - ISO 64. 36MP FF Sony sensor at a minimum.  This is just a great sensor and I know Ricoh could do wonders with it.  It also goes without saying that high bit rate, lossless raws (vs the losssy raws that Sony are now using) is also extremely important.  


2) Smooth, quiet shutter (at least offering up to 1/8000sec speed) and reflex mirror action (as on K5/K3).  Electronic first curtain should be an option to reduce vibration issues.


3) Class leading, very high magnificaction optical finder with 100% accuracy.  It should offer the largest view of any FF 35mm camera.  


4) Articulating rear LCD


5) Full compatability with all K mount lenses (Ideally including a stop-down coupler in the mount so the first K mount lenses can be used without resorting to manual stop down aperture metering).


6) Traditonal top physical/ mechanical dial or dials for at least EV compensation.


7) Superior weather sealing and ruggedness.


8) A price point under $2500.





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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Very pleased with the great news of Full Frame coming out this year :-)


as a pentax user for over 10 years and a current Pentax k-3 owner these are the features i would love to see in the new camera:

- quicker autofocus then the K-3

- tiltable screen

- 36mp sensor and the option to choose from resolution files: 10mp, 16mp, 24mp + 36mp

- enough memory for fast buffer

- ISO 50 - 102400

- good Video functions, not necessary 4K Video

- Shake reduction

- wifi tethering

- bigger viewfinder and leaving build in flash unit out

- and ofcourse keep all the good features from the K-3 :-)


hopefully this model will shine in the Full Frame kategory as the 645z in the Medium Format!


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

There are so many thoughtful responses that have been posted in this thread that I am humbled by the experience and energy that I see.  This gives me a long time Pentax User a great feeling that the future of Pentax FF is very bright indeed.

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