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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015



I would like to see the "panorama mode like MZ-series with viewfinder wich narrows and dedicated lever" under "desired" instead of "nice to have".

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Thrilling times, indeed!


Decisive points, for me:


Size, ergonomics. I bought my first SLR 1985. After trying several brands I decided on Pentax for it's small size and user friendliness. These are strong points for Pentax, don't change on that.


Rather high DR and high ISO capacity than high pixel count. 24 MP with micro adjustment of the sensor (to get a 48 MP shot with double exposure) could satisfy both me and the landscape specialist.


Personally I don't care about the video mode or bells and whistles. I like how the buttons can be customized on my K5, but aside from that I seldom use any of it's many functions. After owning it now for a few years, I just discovered the sensor shift and how it can be used the other day. I used the pop-up flash for one shot with my K20D (in a situation it surely wasn't thought for, came out nice!), haven't used the one on my K5.


So a small, high DR high ISO camera with basic functions is what would make me happy.


Naming suggestions: LX-D or D-LX or something like that indicating that we are handling a pro level camera. A petty Nikon already abused the names DX and FX!

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

One other thing I would like to see is 5 axis image stabilization as in the Olympus EM1 and EM5 Mark II and Sony a7II. 

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

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Great news on the forthcoming Pentax FF.

My wishes are the following

Sensor:  I'm not interested in megapixel races, I want great dynamic range and great high ISO performance. The most exciting product in this regard is the Sony A7S. It's release was abreath of fresh air.  it would make a lot of sense for Ricoh to release TWO models. A 36MP version for resolution people and a 12MP version for High ISO/dynamic range people. This business model has worked great for Sony.   I would buy the latter

Mount: I'm hoping the K mount is not crippled so that using those lovely old Pentax non A lenses don't mean stop down metering. Also please allow old lenses to be used without having to make their mount electrically conductive. I'd fed up with grinding the anodising off old lenses in order to use them. :)

Other:  Tilt-swivel screen, built in flash and GPS please


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Thank you for developing Pentax FF camera!


My wishes are:


- Type: DSLR with a good optical viewfinder

- Sensor: 24Mpix or 36Mpix without AA filter. Prefer 24Mpix.

- Make it compact

- SR

- Weather sealed

- Quick shift gear inside the body so I could have quick shift to my FA lenses :)

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

One more thing:


Please do not force to use crop mode for DA lenses!

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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

If this were to be my next camera, I'd like to see the following emphases in its design:


1. Focus. I shoot slowly, so speed isn't relevant here. Rather, I want to be able to adjust focus maximize resolution on my intended subject. This means having a manual focus screen available or a digital enlarged view within the viewfinder. With autofocus lenses, I'd also like to be able to make refined adjustment to the focus, as they generally don't have the same freedom of movement as manual lenses do. So, I'd either like the twist-to-focus adjustment ratio to be adjustable or for an e-dial to make fine tuning available; e.g., hold down the button set to autofocus, which focuses as normal, but while held down fine tuning is available. That kind of feature would make autofocus lenses much more appealing to me.


2. Backwards compatibility. Accurate metering with pre-A lenses would be great. I'd pay extra to get full aperture automation with Super Takumar lenses. Screwdrive compatibility.


3. Lenses. Necessary, yes, but Ricoh seems to be doing great here. I'd love to see a continuation of the mix of compact, slowish, high tactile experience Limited lenses with fast, weather sealed Star primes and zooms. I'd rather have high quality optics than impressive specifications.


4. Weather sealing. If I'm going to move from manual lenses, it will be for a storm-ready kind of camera, so having weather sealing available across the range of bodies and lenses is important to me if I were to invest in a new Pentax kit.


5. Service and longevity. I'd love for a camera manufacturer to provide transparency about their service programs. Knowing how much it costs to replace a shutter mechanism, and that the manufacturer intends to support it for so many years into the future, would be great. Knowing that a manufacturer can overhaul the weather sealing in lenses and a body to ensure that a 4 year old camera can withstand rigorous use would be great. Knowing that a manufacturer intends to provide firmware updates, including feature enhancements, beyond the release date of a camera is fantastic; making some software features community-accessible would be even better. The level of technology has reached a point where I don't intend to upgrade much in the future, and I'd much rather spend some money to maintain equipment than to get a new set of gear.


I'm looking forward to see what happens here.


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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Great that it is coming! Will be interesting to see how it differentiates itself from the established competitors.


What I would like to see:

1. Proper functioning and metering for old M and K glass, please. There is a lot of users who would love to use these gems on the new body. They would still buy new lenses too. I know that I will.

2. Built-in GPS.

3. Built-in Wifi with optional accessory to boost range.

4. Automatic focus stacking option (z-stacking) for AF-lenses. Would be great when shooting macro of stationary subjects.

5. Even better cold resistance (come on, -10C is not cold at all!)




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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

Lots of good suggestions in this thread.
I'm _very_ keen to see the following features:
- ability to save & load camera settings to/from named file on memory card;
- direct setting via dials of aperture/shutter/sensitivity/EV+/-, each of these four dials to have an "A" setting, thus "doing away" with the mode dial;
- an excellent viewfinder with 100% coverage;
- no anti-aliasing filter (as per K-3);
- compact size;
- SR;
- weather sealed;
- multiple exposure facility;
- "quick shift" gear inside the body, thus providing this very useful feature on the three FA Limited lenses;
- photographer's choice of "crop mode", not determined by lens type.
Many of these items have been mainstays of Pentax dSLR cameras since the *istD, so I look forward to their inclusion in this new 36x24mm-sized sensor body.
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Re: Full Frame- Market Launch 2015

If we assume - and I think that doing so is not no big deal - that the camera will have stabilization in the sensor, it is unclear what kind of stabilization will have because it could be a simple extension of the system that already have developed for aps-c or a completely new system. In any case, if a new system, I do not think that's going to have less posibilities than those who have at present, so there are certain things that can be suggested.
Given the technology that Pentax has in this regard, I think it would be not too much to ask that besides keeping all the functions currently, incorporate some new ones.
If the sensor is 36 Mpx, I doubt that take AA filter, since when the camera hits the market, there will be few cameras that still maintain this filter on the sensor and its elimination involves many more advantages than disadvantages, but even considering Pentax technology to include this filtering by the stabilizer, as does the K3. If so, with a spatial sensor control with the necessary degree to achieve the AA filter, would not be too much to ask that this capacity will take out more advantage, as would be the integration of multiple shots to get super high resolution files or ND filter (the latter not have really clear…). And, of course, maintain function for adjusting the composition, in which case I would ask you implement it as was done in the K5, not like in the K3
So taking all this into account, what I would expect so the camera will become really toe cap, competitive and interesting, it would:


- Body of moderate size, design as shown in the model, magnesium chassis, and sealing quality as usual for Pentax.
- Folding and rotatable display, provided that does not penalize the seal.
- Built-in flash.
- Shutter similar features to K3 as far as guaranteed durability is concerned.
- Shutter speed 1/8000 sec
- Cushioning in the mirror.
- Ergonomic features - wheels, rear control buttons etc. - similar to the current (personally I    prefer the K5, although the K3 is not bad once you get used to it).
- Lever Joystick type for direct and continuous selection of the focus points.
- Suitable single lever for selecting the AF mode (on the K3 is necessary to handle two controllers at the same time for certain things), or at least an arrangement such that this can be done easily with one hand when the camera is attached with a telephoto.
- ScrewDrive Autofocus for F/FA lenses and DA lenses without in lens AF-motor.
- KAF-2 Mount with full support for KAF 3 (similar to those of the K5 IIs and K3) and backward compatibility for older lenses (c'mon, which has always had Pentax).
- Double SD card slot.



- AF Module high sensitivity (f 2.8), at least as K3, but in that case, the points expanded according to increasing sensor size. If really wants to be at the forefront, a new module with smaller dots and then adequately covered the sensor field would be necessary. From these points, at least the central points should be of high sensitivity.
- More selective and effective focus algorithm than the current one. Predictive focus.
- Interpolation color algorithm similar to that of K5 with iso expandability, good RD and high performance in high iso. The iso native undoubtedly be the one with the sensor, but in any case, an algorithm such as that used in Pentax K5 allow an iso lowest (80, preferably 50 provided that the RD are not penalized)
- Selectable cropping funtion, not automatic, so that besides being able to use APS-c lens, FF lens can be used cropped if interested.
- RAW files of at least two sizes.
- Interval Timer with programming and control of exposure time in Bulb mode, indicating elapsed time in the viewfinder and on the top screen of the camera. It is something that currently makes O GPS-1 software with the Astrotracer function. As currently, countdown indication in viewfinder and upper display screen for the black frame time (slow shutter noise reduction processing ).
- AA Filter through SR, selectable, as in the K3.
- Control of optical diffraction for Pentax lenses (similar to the existing option in K3)
- Buffer capacity for at least 30 RAW 14 bit.
- Burst of at least 7 fps in RAW 14 bit full size. But higher in smaller sizes RAW if incorporated this possibility, especially in crop files (this i do not have clear if possible, require the ability to disable the photosites which are outside the area of the crop and I'm not sure that technology current of these sensors allows)
- Integration of multiple shots into a single file, preferably final file in RAW 14 bit, otherwise in  Tiff 16 bit
- Auto panoramic mode. Preferably output in jpg and 16 bits Tiff .
- Wi-Fi integrated. Remote camera control via wi-fi
- Shot by motion detection, by brightness change, contrast change or preselected point AF (preferably the three selectable options, really is just a matter of software). Action time not exceeding 5 to 10 min, programmable number of shots, shuter time and delay..
- Ability to disable the horizontal axis in the stabilizer, ie two stabilization modes: normal and specific for sweeps.
- Ability to view the exposition advances in Bulb mode in Live View.
- Rest of existing functions in K5 and K3.

It is assumed that gradually go providing the camera all the necessary optics, since ultraangular to large telephoto lenses, both fixed and variable focal and both high-end, bright and expensive range, as midrange, less bright but affordable and maintaining the good Pentax quality .

In my humble opinion, nothing of what I put is something beyond reason, specialy thinking about the time that the camera will hit the market. The first part, concerning the construction, is based on what we know so far from the camera and in the tradition of building Pentax DSLRs, with some suggested improvements that already incorporate other brands. The rest is all a simple matter of will, since they are functions that are achieved by software and there are in other cameras, so are not impossible desires. Another issue is that, as usual, no brand wants to give to a specific model in the range, all functions you might have. But if you really want to keep up or really want to motivate people to decide to buy this camera, taking into account the existing problem in optical availability if compared to other brands, I think it's something that could tip the balance.

Another issue that is a clamor among users of Pentax and Ricoh should bear in mind if really want to live up to its competitors, is the problem of the lack of secondary optical brands - Tamron and Sigma especially - who have stopped making their latest models with K mount . For many users without sufficient financial resources to access some Pentax optics because of its price, this lack of possibilities is enought cause to lean towards other brands that do not have this issue.
Although it may seem inconvenient commercially, an effort by Ricoh to avoid this penalty to its users, surely attract many users towards this brand and prevent bleeding from current users to other brands that do not have this issue


Thank you very much for listening to your users with the launch of this DSLR 24x36, is great news for us.
Good luck with the launch, we all hope will live up to expectations and that puts Pentax in the position should be.


Warm regards