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It will be meaningless if Pentax FF it's not professional.

Pentax still have lack of diverse lenses, poor flash system and auto focus system compare to Nikon and Canon, not professional UI, being ignorant, doesn't listen customers and professional's demend, and slow updates.


What can we even expect Pentax if these are obstacles? When I saw the FF camera for first time, I really disappointed that FF doesn't have a joy stick. 


What makes Pentax be professional? Tell me.

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Re: It will be meaningless if Pentax FF it's not professional.

Completely agree. I don't think they need all that many lenses (personal opinon), but they do need to get into the 20th century with auto-focus capability.   Tethering is still a professional feature.  Flu card would be nice *IF* it worked in a prosessional setting.   Ricoh ignores this fact and ignores its customers and throws them cheap toys instead.

I could even live without the hot-shoe flash, what they have now is on the low side of "why bother". If Ricoh is not going to improve the PTTL, just drop the whole thing. (Removing pro capability like external battery, is just a bad joke. Just drop it!)


If Ricoh is thinking of getting into the pro market with FullFrame and they have a service center like they have now, they are likely going to learn real quick that they are far from gaining any popularity with professionals trying to make a living.  Sure other brands have issues, but they do not have to send their equipment back two, three or even SIX times for same issue on a regular basis.  Ricoh's repair service is bull----.  

FF will be a nice fad for the ignorant who think FF means better for no other reason than its bigger.  
But for someone making a living, it is more than just hardware capabilities that keeps you in business.