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K3ii Replacement Wishlist

I currently own a K3, and I have a bunch of crop sensor lenses to go with it. So, I am in no big hurry to get a full-frame camera. Here is my wish list for my next camera:


  • Under $1000
  • 24 M pixels
  • Improved low-light images up to ISO 12.8K
  • No built-in flash
  • No GPS
  • No flippy screen
  • Fast downloads from camera (USB-3 or something faster)
  • No extra/redundant dials like the K-1
  • Wired tethering
  • Built-in HSS wireless flash transmitter (work out an agreement with Cactus or some other company, or build some Pentax wireless transceivers) 
  • Higher regular flash sync speed (like 1/250 sec)
  • Improved auto-focus
  • Video? I am a photographer, I never use my camera to do video. If it is less expensive to leave it out, then leave it out. 
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Re: K3ii Replacement Wishlist

Sounds like a K-3II with the GPS turned off. Seriously, tethering and built-in flash xmitter won't happen (and would you want to pay for the proprietary flash units?). Next sensor will be from KP, with improved ISO. Maybe your next step is the 645Z?

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Re: K3ii Replacement Wishlist

-improved autofocus

-better stills framerate with continuous focusing(10fps)

-bigger buffer

-faster memory card standard (UHS-III, XQD, CFast 2.0)

-better video -> 1080p vids @120fps, 4K (video without cropping sensor area)video @60fps

-wired tethering