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Few things for Pentax medium format camera

1. Why not 16bit instead of 14bit?


2. Any leaf shutter lens or higher shutter sync speed? 


3. Better DR? (Hightlight area was so disappointed compare to other medium format cameras even pentax used medium format sensor)


4. Any unique features? 


5. Supporting UHS-2 sd card?


Compare to Hasselblad and Phase one, Pentax have poor features. Well the price can cover and I might be over expacting for Pentax 645 cameras due to its price. Flash related features are worst I believe. Pentax wans't good at flash equipments and sync speed from the begining such as 645 had 1/60 and 67 had 1/30 sync speed which is so terrible. I thought Pentax is well known for astro and landscape photography base on lenses, features and etc. However, it's not. Phase one have Hyper focal length function which is very essential for landscape photography while Pentax dont have. Pentax 645Z is a great camera with cheap price but since Hasselblad and Phase one presented new camera system with awesome features and fuction, Pentax should add unique fuctions for landscape and astro photography. I'm not sure about technical things but why not 16 bit instead of 14bit?

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Re: Few things for Pentax medium format camera

I don't personally use a flash much, but am very interested in landscapes.  I'm anxious to invest in the 645Z, and am also anxious to know that it's going to be updated.  I expect some kind of response to the sensor battles, and I'd like to put more of my money into a better shutter, preferably a mirrorless system.  Always looking for ways to improve my IQ, and not having a mirror slapping around seems like a good fit.  And a 100,000 image shutter life is not enough.  It's easy to be excited about the 645Z, but I need to know it's evolving.  Otherwise, I'll just continue investing with in smaller cameras.  I'm up to about $50,000 now.  Wish some of it was in Pentax medium format.