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15-30mm F2.8 SDM WR

I can't use filters with the 15-30mm F2.8???? Serious?


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Re: 15-30mm F2.8 SDM WR

You can use filters with any lens that has appropriate threads, BUT:

--on a wide lens you risk vignetting in the corners. A step-up ring to an oversized filter can sometimes prevent this.

--wide lens glass often extends beyond the front edge of barrel and can't accept screw-on filters (don't own this lens myself, but my 10-17 has this issue). There are systems that let you mount flat sheet filters, but are expensive.

--filters rarely improve images, or create effects that you can't simulate in post. Usually.

--if you're merely looking to protect the front lens element, well, welcome to wide-angle purgutory. Cap and care...