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18-135 vignette issue

I was out the other day in a low light (foggy & drizzly) condition and took some images along a coastline.  Oddly enough the images taken with the lens at nearly full extension (about 115mm) had a serious amount of vignette but those taken at mid focal length or less (60mm down to 20mm) showed no evidence of vignette.  The f/stop in all case was 7.1.  Shutter speed was 1/125.  Fortunately I was easily able to remove the vignette effect in Photoshop.  I was truly amazed at such "lens distortion"  on this lens at such a long focal length.  I have used that lens on several different occasions and have never notices this problem.  Anyone out there with a similar experience?

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Re: 18-135 vignette issue

Check the excellent lens reviews at:


and see if your lens is unique in this respect.