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2X converter for a SMC Pentax FA Zoom

I am trying  to find 2X converter for a SMC Pentax FA 4.5 - 5.6, does anyone know where I can find one.  I found a 1.4X, but I want a 2X. Thanks

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Re: 2X converter for a SMC Pentax FA Zoom

Greetings. While we no longer produce a 2x converter, you may likely have to look in the used marketplace for this product.  (We are not aware of current availability, however).


PENTAX produced two 2x converters, as follows:


30944    SMC-A Rear Converter 2.0x S   -  6 groups, 7 elements. Loses 2 stops.


30945    SMC-A Rear Converter 2.0x L    - 5 groups, 6 elements. Loses 2 stops. 

For some longer lenses (300mm - 1200mm)


These converters work with all Program exposure modes on Pentax FA, F, and A series lenses, but the lenses must be focused manually.


Good Luck and Thanks!