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DA* 16-50 Repairs

I have been a long time loyal Pentax user and own K-5 and K-5IIs with 16-50 and 60-250, 50 prime etc. Wanted to share my experience with repairs here so I can get some help on what to expect in general when sending lens for repairs.


I have sent my 16-50 for repair (precision) as zoom was stuck. It took a while as parts were not available and eventually returned as fixed. It was repaired not to original condition but usable. After about 3 months it is broken again (continuously hunting to focus). Sent out to repair to precision again. After 3-4 weeks, it was returned as repaired. As I opened the box and mounted the lens on my K-5 to realize that it was not at all fixed (continuous hunting for auto focus still exists) but this time zoom is stuck again and i can see small smudge on the lens. Upon calling them immediately, they have agreed to repair it for free of cost this time. It took 3-4 weeks again. This time the zoom issue is fixed. But, the auto focus hunting issue is intermittent. It works sometimes and it does not work other times and when focused (auto focus double chime) picture is not as sharp as it used be. I am not motivated to send it back to them and trying to find alternatives which does not seem to exist. Been a long time Pentax user (most of my lenses are Pentax) and this is not a great experience and now I hesitate to invest in Pentax lenses. BTW, the 16-50 was repaired for SDM failure more than a year ago before Ricoh moved to precision for their service partnership. This lens gave some great results when it was working and it was expensive (it still is).


I do not make money out of photography and my budget is limited for my camera gear. I would usually plan and save to purchase such an expensive lens.


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Re: DA* 16-50 Repairs

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I have owned three of these lenses. Often one (or two) would break a day or two before a major event and I was forced to rent or buy another one to do the event -- as I would not be able to wait the avereage of 8-12 weeks for return from repair.  


That being said, one of the lenses has been in repair for this same issue at least five times.


A second lens has been in for the same reprair three times.


The third lens had the same issue twice but I was able to tap something back into place and it has been working fine since and I refuse to  pay for another repair on this Pentax crap.


Some of the repairs were within warranty or within the 60day repair warranty (yeah, several times they broke again almost immediately after repair). But I was still on the hook for shipping and insurance.  It all adds up with a dozen repairs. 


The DA* 16-50 lens is a piece of crap. 

I take exceptional care of my equipement. You won't find a scratch on any of my lenses (glass or bodies), even the ones that are eight years old.  
What you will find is a frick'n stack of repair orders in my file cabinet.

The one exception is when a tripod head broke and dropped my K5 with DA* 50-135 four feet to the ground.   That lense has a slight scratch.  otherwise, neither item was damaged and have continued to work fine since. 

How can the DA* 50-135 be a rock solid tank, yet the DA* 16-50 be a delicate flower that breaks at the slightest breeze?