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Future of DA* (or any fast APS-C) glass

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Hello Ricoh,


I am a Pentax user from The Netherlands. I have a K-3 and several lenses, inclusing DA* glass.


Over the last few years or so, you announced a number of new lenses. This includes the 16-85mm, the 18-135mm, the WR 55-300, the revamped Limiteds, a Limited zoom, etc. All very nice and important products (although I am personally not so convinced by the 20-40mm Limited, but ok), but the DA* line hasn't seen a new lens in something like 5 years? The K-3 is an excellent camera, but I feel that in certain areas (i.e. autofocus tracking) the DA* lenses are actually becoming the weak link. Now the rumours of an upcoming (dare I say it?) fullframe camera are growing stronger than ever, fueled by the "large diameter telephoto zoom" that seems to be one of the next lenses to go into production.


I am not expecting you to tell me what lenses you will be releasing after the ones on the roadmap. But the thing is, you seem to be focusing on consumer lenses (well, except the 20-40mm, but ok) that are very nice. DC autofocusing, WR, HD, etc etc. But I am curious about the future of the DA* glass. I have a theory, which I hope is not true, that lenses like that large diameter telephoto zoom will be fullframe and will effectively take the place of DA* glass. Pentax has always had a very strong APS-C line, that also contained a full line of so-called "professional level" glass. But if I want to put expensive fullframe glass on my camera, I can go to Canon/Nikon. And so can anyone else, I think.


So I guess I would like to know if there are any plans for the DA* line, or at least let you know that this is my perception and my thoughts on it.



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Re: Future of DA* (or any fast APS-C) glass

There are several threads on Pentax Forums about which lenses are "full frame".  Some of the DA* lenses are full frame ready. 


I would suppose if Pentax does release a full frame camera, some of the APS-C only lenses may not work with them, just like with Canon and Nikon.  Full frame equivalents will have to be produced.

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Re: Future of DA* (or any fast APS-C) glass

Yea, that's not really what he OP is asking.

He is about the future of Non-full frame but professional quality glass. If you want to pay $$$ for pro quality FF just got to Canikon. The DA* are the penultimate bargain lenses for APS-C users. He wishes to not have to pay a FF premium which looks like where Ricoh is headed.

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