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Hello Team Ricoh


I'm seeing a lot of empty space, which just begs to be written on.


My trust Sony A65 recently took a bath in the St. Johns River (N.E. FL.) along with my best lens. Although disastrous, it has presented me with an unique opportunity to take a look at some other brands. I realy like the spec line on the K-3 and the sample shots I've seen from some Flickr user groups. I'm nearly certain I will purchase that camera vs a D7100 (the frames/sec, buffer, and WS sealed {no pun intended} it for me), but I'm more than a little concerned about the grumblings I keep reading about the SDM failures on the DA 16-50mm f/2.8.


I know negative reviews will always surface faster and in more abundance than a positive one, but this seems to be central theme popping up on every forum.


Can you provide some thoughts on this particular issue? Has it been rectified? If so, what steps were taken to correct it? Was it limited to a single, or few, batches off the line? Is it truly just the case of the lens needing to be used on a regular basis for the mechanics to stay free and clear of any issues that were breaking the motor?


Sigma and Tamron have similar lens, albeit at much lower cost, but the WS is a big point for me. I'm on the beach, chasing lighting, you name it.


What can you tell me to give me the warm and fuzzies?



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Re: Hello Team Ricoh

Greetings WDQ.

Thanks for the question. Regarding our DA* 16-50mm lens; there has been a number of threads related to the SDM autofocus and reports of possible issues. We ourselves had posted a service summary several years ago on the PENTAX DSLR forum on DPreview with information on lens repairs (including the DA* 16-50mm lens). The summary indicated the overall repair rate for the DA* 16-50mm lens (where an autofocus issue was reported) was on a par with other PENTAX lenses. Since then, there has been quite of bit of additional postings regarding this topic, both pro and con.

While we do not have specific information to relay regarding SDM performance in this lens, we can say say individual reports of SDM-related issues with the DA* 16-50mm lens have dropped off significantly in the last few years. Thanks.

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Re: Hello Team Ricoh

Hello Team.


I have both 16-50 and 50-135 SDM lenses. Both have been repaired twice after SDM failures. "Four repairs" means a lot of money... And it seems 16-50 will fail again soon, all the symptoms I see are so familiar to me... Would you be so kind to include into upcoming firmware for K3 an option for switching off SDM and using mechanical AF system instead? It is very uncomfortable when you get SDM failed during the shooting session and can do nothing despite of the fact that the camera and the lens both can do mechanical AF but just refuse to use it.



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Re: Hello Team Ricoh

I have also sent my 16-55 mm F1/2.8 lens in for repair. I have had it for 3 years and it will now not focus. I have a Tamron 10-24 mm lens purchased at the same time which is still working fine. My original kit lens work as well but use the camera screw mechanism. My 2 year old 18-135 f 1/ 4.5 to 5.6 works great and is my go-to lens. It is a shame to spend so much money for the best of class lens with such poor performance.
Jan M