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Need an appraisal for Pentax Gear

Hello Everyone -

I have decided to insure my photo gear which is almost all Pentax. I have an older film lens, SMC Pentax-FA 1:4 ƒ4 200mm Macro. The insurance company wants me to get an apraisal of this lens before they will insure it. I live in a remote area with no camera shops close by so I am seeking an online apraiser who will give a fair value for older gear, preferably someone who specializes in Pentax gear. I already showed the insurance company the sales record on that lens from the Pentax forum but they still want another apraisal. Do any of you have a good suggestion for an online apraiser? 

Thanks so much! 

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Re: Need an appraisal for Pentax Gear

I would go online and simply find asking or sold prices for relevant gear. You will probably find that most older camera gear is worth way less than you think, and the concerns for insurance will rapidly dissipate. That lens included.


I'd also be finding an insurance company that was less of a PITA.