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Pentax 1.4X HD-DA Rear Convertor usage

As a potential buyer of the new 1.4X convertor I thought it would be helpful to see what the results have been using this convertor with Pentax lenses.  What's been your experience with yours?


I already have the 1,4X and 1.4 XL and would like to have the AF ability of the HD-DA but am concerned about of this convertor with the 600mm f4.0 FA lense.


Questions to Ricoh USA resulted in 'we don't know' regarding usage with the 600mm.


Your input sought.


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Re: Pentax 1.4X HD-DA Rear Convertor usage

Works very well with the DA*300.  There is a post on PentaxForums from a photographer who is using it with the FA*600.


Here is the link (assuming we are allowed here):