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Pentax Q10 lenses

I recently bought the Pentax Q10 camera and want to know what other lenses (plus an adapter of course) can I use with it?  I am new to the Pentax cameras.  I also have a Canon DSLR but I fell in love with this compact camera!

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Re: Pentax Q10 lenses

Greetings. All PENTAX K-bayonet DSLR lenses may be used (in conjunction with #39977 Adapter Q for K-Mount lenses). (Lenses controlled manually). For information, please visit:   Thanks!

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Re: Pentax Q10 lenses

I have a Q and Q7 and almost all lenses can be adapted to the camera.  The Pentax OEM adapter is best but expensive, several other adapters are available for arount $20 +/- but lack the built in shutter but can be used with the cameras electronic shutter.  Check out all of the adapted lenses in this link