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SMC DA 70mm F2.4 limited

I just purchased a SMC Pentax DA 70mm F2.4 limited lens to use with my K5. Image quality, sharpness, and bokeh are all outstanding. If you are considering a lens for portraits I highly recommend this lens. My 18-135 was my primary lens but since getting the 70mm it rarely comes off my camera.

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Re: SMC DA 70mm F2.4 limited

I started w/the 40, fell in love, now got the 21 and 70. I call 'em my three amigos and they go with me everywhere and cover a/b 95% of my walkaround shooting, allowing me to leave my bag in the car! Now I've got the 15mm on the way too! One thing you may want to do is purchase a LN-RC49 lens hood (the tiny one for the 40mm limited) for a/b $8 on Amazon to use on it instead of the pullout one that came with it. This makes it much easier to carry around in your pocket w/o using a cap and works perfectly! I did this after using it for a/b a week!