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Ricoh GR Phone

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Now hear me out.


I think Ricoh should partner with a smart phone company in order to create a Ricoh GR smart phone. The only reason why I say that they should partner up with a phone company is because Ricoh obviously does not have experience in that department (as far as I know). 


Camera phones are where it's at and it's where it always has been since nokia came out with the first flip phone that featured a camera on it. Steve Jobs even realised this and only improved upon it's design. Phones are the future of cameras plain and simple. Look at the LG G4. It has the ability to shoot raw files with a f/1.8 lens on it with complete manual controls. 


Partnering with a well established smart phone company like Apple (if your lucky) could yield so much for the Ricoh/Pentax brand. And why not? There are some great similarities between the two companies mainly in the area of pioneering new technology. Why not leap frog over all the competitors by partnering with a company like Apple who not only have the clout but also the $$$ to integrate the the ricoh gr camera into a smartphone body?


Let me just clarify, I am by no means an apple fanboy (I do not even own a single apple product) but Apple would seem to be your best bet in my opinion. Granted, it is a giant. But to be by it's side could really bring Ricoh up to the level of Canon and Nikon where it should be. 


And seeing the popularity of the Sony A7, I am certain a mirrorless smart phone with an interchangeable lens system could be the future of cameras as we know it! The k-mount would be a perfect candidate for that. But it will only work with a flawless user interface. 


Either that or Ricoh really needs to be in the phone business. Cus, compact, and light weight will always be in style. Especially now with the outdoorsy, REI culture that is rapidly becoming main stream. People don't like lugging around dslr's. They are heavy and cumbersome for hiking. 


So in summation I would like to propose that Ricoh step up their game by getting into the smartphone business and start by building a Ricoh GR smartphone.