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Ricoh GR ll like what I've read about it, but what about dust ?

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I'm thinking of getting a new Ricoh GR ll. I've got three Pentax digital DSLR bodies and  a whole whack of Pentax lenses. Very happy with my Pentax stuff.


But my wife and I are considering increasing our travel time significantly. It'll be planes, trains and boats...with rental cars thrown into the travel mix.


 Travelling space will be at a premium and as a result, I want a well built, metal bodied photographic instrument with a sharp lens and a big sensor to carry around as we hit various vacation spots.


I've seen pictures from the Ricoh GR and with that ASP-C sensor....the pix are impressive to say the least.


 So all things considered, the Ricoh GR ll seems to fill the bill...but with one caveat.


Dust getting into the an issue with some of  those who have the Ricoh GR.


Will this still be an issue with the Ricoh GR ll is my question ?


Is it really a big issue with the Ricoh GR ?


I wonder if there have been changes in the sealing to address this issue, again, if it is an issue. I don't have a Ricoh GR series, so I don't know.




 As this is a Ricoh/Pentax forum, hopefully someone from Ricoh will jump in.