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Ricoh User Interface Observations

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Thank you for making the Ricoh GR (5-th generation) camera and offering this opportunity to provide feedback on an official forum. I like this camera very much and if I lost it I would buy it again - but I choose not to buy an identical backup camera because a few observations.


I wish to make it clear that I am not criticizing the product and I don't want to waste the team's time - on the contrary, I find this camera the first digital compact camera clearly superior to film camera tradition and by my feedback I want them to waste less time so they can concentrate on what they are best at: making incredible photo cameras!


1. Concerning the manual: the registration of functions to Fn1/Fn2/Effects button, as mentioned on page 107, the entries for JPEG > RAW and JPEG > RAW+ both mention supplementary information on page 50 (Setting a Still Image Format). Information on page 50 is correct but somebody forgot to mention the fact that when you turn off the camera and then turn it on again, the image format reverts to the original setting (i.e. if I had the camera set to L and changed it to RAW with the button, when I used the camera the next time it was back to L). The manual assumes you either won't need/want to make RAW pictures (if JPEG is default) after you turn off the camera or that you always expect the camera to start up to a setting unrelated to your last selection... both assumptions are irrational. Of course having a menu option like Reset Image Type On Restart On/Off or something similar would solve the problem.

2. Adjusting exposure compensation changes the whole user interface. Ideally I could choose (by menu) if I want the "complete" exposure compensation interface or one similar to how aperture&shutter time change? I don't want my interface disappearing when changing something so basic as exposure compensation (and staying dissapeared even after I make a picture!) and I don't like/need/want histograms either. THIS IMPACTS THE USABILITY OF THE CAMERA VERY BADLY!!! - edit: this has been partly adressed with the [Shutter Button Confirmation] from Firmware 3.0

3. Exposure compensation buttons reset metering value in M mode. While this is documented in the user manual, it's irrational. They should either do nothing or adjust ISO (see topic-points 4 and 5).

4. I should be able to disable exposure compensation buttons - this is a very requested feature on the internet and even if I didn't have any such problems I find it a decent proposal - edit: Nikon, Canon and Fuji have the option to lock their rear dial (struggling with similar problems when user wears gloves) by pressing OK/Menu button 3 second... this is a possible solution for the exposure compensation buttons

5. I should be able to change the function of the exposure compensation buttons to (for example) ISO or flash exposure compensation or anything the Adj. dial can also modify... and when I say "ISO" I mean that Up=ISO up, Down=ISO down, not show the whole ISO menu which need to be selected and confirmed (too many button presses...)

6. Snap focus distance (page 52) can be changed by pressing the macro button and rotating the front dial. This is not clear in the manual - it should be clearly mentioned at page 52 that the instructions mentioned at instruction-point 2. and those mentioned in the text below instruction-point 4. have the same effect. This is a great feature (because topic-point 7.) but I only found out accidentally!

7. If I set "Snap Focus Distance" adjustment to a button (I have it at Fn1), pushing it shows a menu in which I need to choose an option using the front dial and then confirm pressing OK. This means that I need to do 3 actions to choose from a list of 6 options. I think a sequential selection (so that if you have 2.5 meters selected, 2 pushes take you to infinite and three pushes to 1 meter) may be ideal. - edit: I would also prefer this sequential system to the "push macro and rotate dial" system as it's easy to not hold macro correctly (it can slip in Fn1 or Flash if you need to hold it) and that can screw up a whole lot more things... and it needs visual confirmation from user, while sequential travel through distances doesn't (you know how many times you pushed...)

8. The ability to choose if I want some of the buttons responsive while the display is turned off (maybe with confirmation by the focus confirmation light - also optional). This is not essential compared to topic-points 1.-7.

9. Being able to save all your settings in a txt or xml file (on the card) and of course being able to load them. This is not essential compared to topic-points 1.-7.


10. Edit: Snap focus macro mode for 30cm, 50cm and 75cm? This is not essential compared to topic-points 1.-7. and in any case should not be mixed with normal snap focus modes; my humble suggestion would be 4 modes for the 1-button focus mode selector: focus > snap > macro snap > infinity > focus > ...


Thank you for your attention. I leave it to the discretion of the Community Manager if she wants this topic to stay on the forum (so others may offer suggestions) or not. In any case, please send me a confirmation email when you choose to forward it to the User Interface / Firmware Development team. Thank you.

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Re: Ricoh User Interface Observations

Thank you for your suggestions. You are very thorough, I must say. I am passing on your notes to our Product Marketing Manager here in our North American headquarters. He may want to reach out to you. I'll be in touch.