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ricoh gr + eye-fi mobi - tranfer videos

There's a little bug in the Ricoh GR firmware respecting  the use of the wifi SD card Eye-Fi Mobi.


If i select the option of use the wifi in automatic, the camera does transfer all the photos AND videos to my phone.

But if i select manual, i can chose the photos i want to transfer, but the camera doesn't allow me to select videos ! So the only option for transfering videos is copying all the photos and videos in the camera. 


I wish you could fix this in a new firmware, so we be able to select the videos we want to transfer.




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Re: ricoh gr + eye-fi mobi - tranfer videos



Thanks for letting us know, we will be glad to submit this for testing. The GR has not been tested with the Eye-Fi Mobi card, just the Eye-Fi X2 series cards. Thanks again,


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Re: ricoh gr + eye-fi mobi - tranfer videos

Hi, I have the same problem. Has the problem been solved? I want to selectively transfer videos in my Ricoh GR via Eye-fi. 


Thank you!