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Needing some direction on working with Theta S files.

       Using an iMac and was hoping to be able to take some images and upload them into a Facebook account. I basically had to resort to pasting the link that the Theta360 site offers after the upload and then FB took that pic and posted a still image of the "Home" location and made that image a link to the pic on their 360 site.

        I had wanted to try to either share a link to my Theta Gallery (assumed that I have one since I have registered, but have not been able to find it) so that the FB viewers could just click one link to navigate to the Site and view many thumbnails for the images.   I have not been able to see a way to find a listing of the images I have uploaded as I can only get a link for the latest one. 

     Does anyone know if there is a way to get to a gallery of all my images/Videos?

 Has anyone found it possible to create a gallery of images, even though they are just links, within Facebook.?

  Any ideas on how to get to my galleray if it exist?

 Thanks for any help with the software and getting it uploaded properly. 



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Re: Needing some direction on working with Theta S files.

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go to and log in copy the link to your fb page