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Ricoh Theta for 3D

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We have a design proposal so to also make 3D shooting possible. The 180 degree 3D movies can then be VR immersive for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard.


On it's already possible to upload this format, but with 2 ricoh theta cameras and merge/sync of the two movies is also needed. However we already made our html5 ShrimpEyes player compatible with the 180x180 deg equirectangular 3D format for this.


See images below for the proposal, would be great if you can create a camera like this:



A 3rd lens should be added at the front-bottom side, also the left stereo mic should be at the bottom for proper surround capturing. To shoot in 3D you hold the camera horizontally and activate the bottom lens. User should have 3 modes:

  1. 360° (top cameras)
  2. 3D (front cameras)
  3. 360° + 3D (all cameras, output to a single file, so it can also easily be cropped to either keep the 360 or the 3D part)



This image shows how a 2D 180x180 degree half equirectangular picture can be created by covering one of the lens.



This image shows how a 3D 180x180 degree half equirectangular picture can currently be created using two ricoh theta cameras aligned at a ~8cm distance.


Image at 180x180 degrees, press VR to toggle between 2D and 3D, open it on your phone to use the gyro, click the ShrimpEyes button to be able to fullscreen it.


Same image at 360x180 degrees.


Your thoughts?