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Theta360 cam and a Property Portal -- Technical Help


We just received order for a Theta360 cam,

We will be doing 360° imageries of houses and other properties in our realty inventory and would like to know if theta provides hosting for its customers and technical support for embedding on our site, or/and API setup.

And if we have to host on our own, we would like to solicit guidance on file storage system and the panorama player integration.


*Emailed support over the weekend, no answer yet!

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Re: Theta360 cam and a Property Portal -- Technical Help

You can get all information on Ricoh THETA API on our developer portion of the Thata 360 site. Here is the site:


For all other things THETA, including support, please visit,

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Re: Theta360 cam and a Property Portal -- Technical Help



You could use for images you need (but also video).

To see some photos of buildings and landscapes, here you can see some examples from one of our users.


You can also embed the ShrimpEyes VR/360/3D player into your website, here are the steps:

1) Create an account on

2) Upload your images in an album, select 360° Equirect category

3) Get the iframe embed code from below the images you posted



Here is an example I embedded into this forum post:

You can try it too by pasting this code into your website:

<iframe width="530" height="300" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For detailed specs about the player, see our Faq section.


If you like to host all the files yourself, we can sell you the player, you must contact us for this.