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Fuji x camera with Pentax PF80 spotting scope

What do I need, to tie-in my Fuji XT1 (X Camera DSLR)  to my Pentax PF80 spotting scope, for the best possible photographs?

Well the K to Fuji X adapter , work with the Pentax Camera mount? Thanks in advance.

Tom Applegate

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Re: Fuji x camera with Pentax PF80 spotting scope

Hi Tom. Great question! A “K to Fuji” adapter may not be used. As well, RICOH (PENTAX) does not produce a camera adapter for “non-PENTAX” SLR Cameras. Focus cannot be achieved by attaching a camera body, alone - via a “mechanical” adapter. An optically engineered adapter, specifically designed for PENTAX Spotting Scopes, or a PENTAX eyepiece, must be used in order to achieve focus with them. (This is because travel of the internal optical focus assembly is limited in range).


Therefore, you may wish to look at “eyepiece projection”; a method to couple your camera lens to a PENTAX XW series eyepiece; (we recommend using the PENTAX XW20 eyepiece for the best results and a normal focal length camera lens with a 49mm filter thread).


To attach your camera lens to a PENTAX XW eyepiece, an inexpensive “step up ring”, (available from ) is used. Simply unscrew the rubber eyecup from the PENTAX XW eyepiece – this reveals a 43mm thread on the eyepiece barrel. (Using a step up ring with a 43mm inside thread and a 49mm outside thread), screw the eyepiece barrel thread to the inside thread of the step up ring. Then, screw the 49mm outside thread of step up ring into the filter thread of your camera lens. You may then place the eyepiece and your camera mounted lens assembly into the spotting scope.


One thing to keep in mind is the need for a rigid mount that properly supports the entire weight of the spotting scope, camera, lens and eyepiece. It’s always better to use a mount that is too large, than one that is too small. Also, using a cable switch / release is very helpful in reducing or eliminating scope / camera movement or vibration during the exposure. Thanks!

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Re: Fuji x camera with Pentax PF80 spotting scope

I use the PF80 spotting scope with Pentax PF-CA35 K-Mount SLR Camera Adapter that should work with the Kipon Adapter for Pentax DA AF PK mount lens to Fujifilm Fuji X-PRO1 X-E1 camera since it should have the same Fuji X mount.