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Wheeled suitcase ban in Venice? Seems not for now.

Perhaps you heard last week that Venice was going to ban suitcases with hard, plastic wheels because of the racket they make on the city's rough and cobbled streets and sidewalks?

There was a hefty 500-Euro fine, according to most reports.


Well, they're now denying it.


Personally, I think the original story probably came about as a deliberate leak to test the waters (sorry for the inevitable Venetian puns here) and they're now backing off after gauging public reaction.


Personally, I can sympathise with the residents of Venice. I get one or two people coming past my house every week trailing wheelie suitcases on their way to the subway. Even one of them is a little irritating when it's early in the morning. I can't imagine how it would be to have dozens of them going past all day.

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