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Need a WG-M1 firmware update :(

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Hello, new user first post, and sorry for my english :)

 I have a Ricoh WG-M1 action camera. Generally a camera with good performance for his price range but I think there is some place for improvements maybe with a (first) firmware update.


1.  In the video mode on the " time lapse"  and/or  " looping" final video, is stamped the date/time  in the botom right corner, and there is  no possibility to remove it from the video unless in post production by croping ,but with the cost of the final resolution.  so  I miss  the possibility to choose if I want or not the date/time in my video :(

2.maybe a manual ISO with the possibility to choose the number of  ISO  for my personal preferencies not a general AUTO ISO

3.The camera have the intention to overexpose when the contrast is too high and sometime the final recorded video  is too bright with overexposed areas that it is very difficult to recover the information even in a good post production video editor :(  I don't know if it is possible or not with a new firmware to remediate that but could be a very good thing ;) ... Or a neutral filter accesories could be a good alternative ;)

 So this is my wishlist for a hopefully very soon new firmware update :)

Any other tips for Ricoh Team ?