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WG-M1 Disappointment with Video features & Settings

Hello Ricoh


I purchased the Ricoh WG-M1 for outdoor video recording use but have run into a number of issues that basically render the WG-M1 Useless. I hope Ricoh will take the ball and provide a suitable firmware update to address these issues.


My device is running FW Ver 1.0


The issues are as follows.


1 - Video can only be recorded for 25 minutes before the video stops even though ample storage is available on the SD card to store more video "Hard to believe that !"


2 - To record longer video one has to use loop video mode. Loop mode works ok but adds a Time stamp to the actual video in the bottom right of the video. This is akin to a security camera in that it is not possible to use the recorded video without having to post process it in a video editor to crop out the time stamp.


3 - Recording video in time lapse mode also adds a Time Stamp to the video.


4 - Some settings are not getting saved. If I record video and have the setting configured for water mode after I power cycle the WG-M1 the changed setting reverts back to wide mode.


The WG-M1 is very well made & stylish too, looks really nice. Battery life is also good. The real show stoppers for me are both the time-stamping of the video and the limit of 25 minutes native recording time. Not to be too critical but if the following was plastered on the outside of the box in white letters "Only Records Video For 25 Minutes" I highly doubt Richo would be selling many WG-M1's.


Note: when recording video in regular mode with the 25 minute limit, there is no time stamp on the video so the video is usable without post processing.


Thanks Paul